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Heritage Preserved
  Guru Gobind Singh Marg has acquired the historical sanctity from the days of Guru Gobind Singh ji. It speaks about the sacrifices, bravery and annihilation in the name of God and still be able to thank for his blessings. To make it more prominent and reinscribe it on the unconscious mind of Khalsa Panth as a whole, Government of Punjab consciously rechristened it. 10th April 1973 become a memorable day in History of Punjab, Punjab Govt. stepped forward with the objective of National integration and development and took out a historical importance of Punjab. Three centuries before a transformer in the role modal of Saint Soldier turned around the wheel of history and taught the down trodden and oppressed peoples the Mantra of Unity in the name of God. Caste system become irrelevant under his chosen path. He united the peoples in a compact mass, had elevated their characters, raised their aspirations. Govt. of Punjab commemorated the jubilation map, and joining its route with pucca roads. It also organised a mass rally which started on 10th April 1973 from Anandpur Sahib and ended at Damdama Sahib.  

Two horses Dilbagh and Amolak were brought from Nanded for leading the rally. It is said that those two were from the same breed on which Guruji used to travel. They were welcomed in Chandigarh on 6th April 1973 by Governor of Punjab Mr. D.C. Pavte and Chief Minister of Punjab Giani Zail Singh. Weapons of Guru Gobind Singh were also brought from Paonta Sahib.
These were:
Weapons of Guru Gobind Singh ji
  Tore Gun, which Guru Gobind Singh used in the battle of Bhangani.  
  Kani (Reed pen), with which Guruji wrote' Bachitra Natak'.  
  Pistol of Sahibzada Ajit Singh  
  Katar (Dagger)  
  Kirpan (Sword). Guruji used to hunt with this sword.  
       It had been left with the king of Nahan.  
'Panj Pyaras' to lead the marg rally were chosen as:
  Singh Sahib Gurdial Singh ji  
  Singh Sahib Gurcharan Singh ji  
  Singh Sahib Joginder Singh ji  
  Singh Sahib Jatheder Moola Singh ji Tarna Dal Harian velan.  
  Singh Sahib Jatheder Hari Singh ji Buddha Dal.  
  Anandpur Sahib was decorated with lights. The atmosphere was full of happiness and celebration spirit. Takhat Keshgarh Sahib was decorated in such way that it looked like a tiara. Near about 5 Lakh people came to the celebrated city from Punjab, Haryana and adjoining states and from America and other countries also. They thronged to the holy city on special buses, cars, Taxis, Tempoes Trucks, Tractors, Carts, Scooters, Motor Bikes, Horses and Camels etc. It looked as if Ocean of humanity had taken over that land and touched the sky also.

Giani Zail Singh the then chief minister of Punjab had organized the rally. Education minister of the then central Govt. of India Mr. Noor-Ul-Hassan, who came for this rally, received by Revenue minister of Punjab Mr. Umrao Singh, Other prominent people who participated in the rally were Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandhak Committee Chief Jathedar Gurcharn Singh Tohra, Hero of Indo-Pak war in 1971, General Jagjit Singh Arora, General Rajinder Singh sparrow, Cabinet of Punjab Assembly, Members of legislative Assembly, leaders of Sanathan Dharm, Arya Samaj, Mahabir Dal, RSS, Jansangh, Congress, Akali Dal, Socialist party and Republican party.
  Giani Zail Singh Chief Minister of Punjab and opposition leader S. Prakash Singh Badal spoke to the people on the occasion and congratulated them for this historical accomplished. Bhai Sahib Ardaman Singh Bagria, President Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee S. Gurcharn singh Tohra, Former Minister of Punjab and Editor Punjab Kesri group Lala Jagat Narain representative of Ahmedia Muslim Mirza Basir Ahmed Kadiani, president of Punjab Janasagh Shri Hit Abhilashi, Reverand George Harish, Mrs Sajda Begum of Malerkotla and President Guru Gobind Singh Marg and Minister of state Joginder Pal Pandey paid rich tributes to the founder of Khalsa Panth.
  Giani Zail Singh set the rally in motion by unveiling the pravesh Dwar (entrance gate) on 10th April after a religious ceremony at Keshgarh Sahib, Salvo of 21 guns were given, Sikh Regiments Centre, Meerut and Punjab Police Band were playing. Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji was guiding the rally. A jeep with five symbols, weapons of Guru Gobind Singh ji and horses especially brought from Nanded formed the impressive part of rally.
  In this 21 Miles long rally people of different religions, castes and creed walked down to the 647 Km historical route from Sri Anandpur Sahib to Damdama Sahib within three days. Then were welcomed at different place and free kitchen services were provided. It was a feeling of celebration all around. On completion the rally on 13th April 1973 they took bath and paid homage at Damdama Sahib SGPC Chief S. Gurcharn Singh Tohra on behalf of Sikh gave Siropa ( honour) to the Chief Minister Giani Zail Singh on successful completion of this enormous task of celebration. Jathedar Sant Singh of Akali Phoola Singh dynasty gave Giani Zail Singh a Siri Sahib (sword) a Gold Medal and a Siropa.  

  At the end Chief Minister Giani Zail Singh thanked all the opposition parties for their Co-operation. He declared Guru Gobind Singh Marg as National Highway and said that Rs. 35 Lakhs will be spend on the development of Damdama Sahib, Chief Minister also congratulated the people of Punjab on the successful completion of Guru Gobind Singh Marg.  
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